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Plein Air Sinpar no. 509
Plein Air Sinpar no. 509
This website is dedicated to the Renault 4 Torpedo Sinpar 'Plein Air'. 
This site is intended as platform for Plein Air enthusiasts and owners from around the world to virtually meet and exchange information regarding every aspect of the Plein Air. The website includes a Plein Air Register and Plein Air Forum. The site is powered by 'The Remarkable Renault 4' and 'La Sudrie Automobiles',  who initiated the site and who will also be taking the initiative for the 'Plein Air Owners Club'. In view of its international character, the language of this site is English, but given the Plein Air's French origin, certain information will be in French and French speaking Plein Air enthusiasts are cordially invited to participate in their own language. 
The information about the Plein Air is limited and is scattered all over the internet. Sofar, no one even knows exactly how many Renaults 4 R1123's were converted to Plein Airs. Visitors to the site are invited to contribute relevant information and photos, which after review will be included in the information on the site or used to update the site, which we hope will be regularly.
We look forward to welcoming all ' Plein Air amateurs' to the site. Team 
As of 2 May 2021, the year of 4l's 60th anniversary, the number of Plein Airs in the Official Plein Air Register is: 60. This means that more 10% of the approx. 500 Plein Airs converted by Sinpar have survived, with the majority of the survivors currently in good to excellent original or restored condition!