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Geplaatst door: Bob Hefting Zijldijk

Renault 4 Plein Air kenteken LL-28-FV

Kleine opmerking: Deze auto is door mij zelf nagebouwd in 1984 eventuele info en foto's zijn aanwezig. Op het kenteken staat ook vermeld renault 4 cabrio.

Geplaatst door: Andrej

plein air

HI everybody,

I am Andrej from Rotterdam, I am looking to buy one renault 4 plein air, could be in any condition. Has somebody some information to share? I would be grateful if you could help me.


Geplaatst door: refau

Plein-Air 149

Hi, I'm refau from France I'm very happy to have discover an authentic Plein-Air. Ok need full restoration but now I can say, I've one !

Email to register send today.

Sorry for bad english.

Look at my hobby car body work on R4R6 Forum, sorry only in french

Geplaatst door: Eduardo

Renault 4 L Costero

Hello again Tim:
Just today, I obtained some parts of the engine that I was lacking. I believe that next week I will begin to arm it.
In Mexico, the enthusiasts of the ancient models of Renault are called by us "Renoleros". I know several that are good friends of mine. When I commented to them that he had bought a R4 Costero (Plein Air), they all were surprised, since in spite of
knowing much brings over of the ancient models of Renault, they had not listened not seen to a R4 Costero.
Only one had a similar car in the years 70's. My friend and mechanic Beto.
When I commented on him, he got enthusiastic very much and wanted to come to know my R4 Costero.
Beto lives and is employed at Aguascalientes, since to 120Kms, of Zacatecas. And it came
to know my new car. Seemingly, his R4 Costero had a car accident and was a total loss.
Beto is the only one "renolero" that it knew of the existence of the R4 Costero, and since he is a mechanic specialized in Renault and member of the Club Renault de Aguascalientes, it makes me suppose that my "Carolina" is the last one R4 Costero that exists in Mexico.
Beto and "Carolina" in Zacatecas (Pic added to Photo Gallery). For the model (1970), I believe that it should have had the front gridiron of aluminium. I could not obtain this gridiron, and put it a black one of plastic, of more recent models. (Pics added to Photo Gallery). I understand that the R4 Plein Air in Foto3 is an authentical Plein Air.
Arnulfo commented to me that also "Carolina" had suffered a car accident and lost the back lid that was of glass fiber.
Nowadays it has a lid of metallic sheet and I am making one of glass fiber with the mold of a R4L to replace it. (Foto4)
Also I am going to do in vinyl the signs of the sides that were saying "COSTERO". I believe that the pieces that I need are lateral mirrors, the stoppers of the wheels, the emblems and lateral moldings, the front hooks of the tent of canvas, the lateral
chains that serve as doors, etc. Foto6 and Foto7 are the original invoice.
I hope that you could forgive my terrible draft in English, but especially, that you could understand the ideas that I want to express to you.
Regards from Zacatecas

Geplaatst door: Hans-Peter

German Plein Airs

Dear Plein Air Friends,
the German car, that is the last on your homepage from the Hamburg-Berlin Rallye 2008, tab 'Who owns this Plein Air?'
belongs to the German “Team Garage du Midi“ (D. und C. M.)
in D-45529 Hattingen/Ruhr.
Please ask the owner for further information: 'e-mail address confidential'
In the earlier days I owned two of the beloved Plein Air Torpedos, pictures are enclosed (can be added to the site).
The first is a press photo for Belinda stockings taken in 1972 published in a campaign all over Germany:
(picture: Renault 4 Plein Air Bellinda 3.JPG)
The private photos were taken
- in 1978 on the Isle of Jersey, published in the German magazine auto, motor und sport
Renault 4 Plein Air HPL 4a.JPG
- in 1985 in Siegburg near Bonn/GE
Siegburg 85_08a.JPG
Some ten cars were reproduced in the Garage of Renault Uckermann in Cologne/GE starting 1983
using my Plein Air as a Master Copy. What I heard was, that they used some brandnew cars and took all remaining Plein Air specific spare parts from stock. Not producing the original Sinpar version they called their remake "Plaisir".

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We are now on twitter @R4pleinair

Geplaatst door: Tim

Sinpar Plein Air no. 330

Who can tell me who owns Sinpar Plein-Air no. 330, featuring in 4L Magazine no. 2 of July-August 2007?

Geplaatst door: Bernard

Plein Air no. 563

Bonjour a tous,
Bonne nouvelle: On a trouvé plein air no. 563 en France!
Voir photos a

Geplaatst door: Louis Renault

4L 50 ans

Check out this:

Geplaatst door: Andre

Plein Air at Montreal Floralies

This picture was taken at Montreal's Floralies of 1980.